Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Belif Skincare

How true....

Recently, there is an obsession with skincare products because I really wanted to look my best and prep the face for the shoots and all. Anyway age is catching up with me, thought I better spend an effort to maintain the face to keep it fresh and young looking. Thanks to my friend I got to know about Belif. Read some reviews here and there and decided it is worth trying since the sales ladies do give out samples to customers.

Now comes the exciting part! Buying the products from Tangs during Belif's opening special! Super shiok when there are so many free gifts and discounts! Not only me but even the sales ladies got blur giving out the freebies. Was really happy to know of their promotion through this together with the UOB promotion too! Too awesome already!

Wanted to buy the Peat miracle revital serum concentrate because according to the sales lady at Wisma, if you buy the Peat serum, there will be a 10% if you buy other products. But instead I bought the first aid 360'deg eye care mask because buying that will give me a 10% on their best sellers +  double of points for members.

The Peat serum exceeded $80 and I was given these freebies.

Was given more freebies for purchasing the eye care mask and Hungarian water essence which exceeded $120.

Best part was taking advantage of the UOB credit card promo. It is a superb deal which I am entitled to even more freebies! =D

That's not all...was surfing UOB Facebook and chanced upon another deal. Flash the Facebook page to receive a set of masks samples. 

Best part was winning a Peat cream in a lucky draw for every $50 spent!

To end my belif spree, I asked for some samples because of the 3 products bought. Wanted to try and see if they are compatible with my face.

While chatting with the sales lady, I managed to get her to register the membership on the spot for me because I wanted to save the hassle of making another trip down. 

Lastly, was told I could get a chop for every $50 spent. 

Had fun talking to the sales ladies although it ended up with me giving them my Loccitane voucher. But that's ok, I am open to sharing and hope they could use it since I really had nothing to buy from Loccitane anymore. I enjoyed the shopping experience (well obviously!) but in terms of product knowledge, felt the ladies from other stores were way much better because they can go on and on talking and introducing the products in the stores but the ladies at Tangs are still new so they are still not so sure and mostly asked me to read the information myself. 

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